Vision & Mission

GENERGY S.p.A. is a company promoted by the Arezzo Industrial Association to realise investments in the field of Electric Power Production from renewable energy sources mostly.

The focus will be on the opportunity to realise investments in the territory, for its natural characteristics,  that is very suitable to the installation of this kind of systems, wind and  water plants.

Thanks to the peculiarity of the Partner’s prime business, GENERGY S.p.A. has a facilitated access all over the Italian territory as well as to foreign markets such as Egypt.


The energy deficit, the high supply costs of conventional sources and policies to encourage development of renewable energies make this sector very interesting for new investments.

On the other hand, the electricity consumptions in Italy have a steady-state growth and the energy balance is showing a loss because an increase in consumption does not coincide with a production development.

Furthermore, all we are persuaded that in the future social and economic development and environmental protection will be more and more conditional on the ability to adopt compatible and coherent energy policies.

In this context, public institutions can contribute effectively to achieve the objective of an eco-compatible development  through the definition of promotion policies and the adoption of measures and procedures increasing investments in this field.

The increasing use of renewable energy sources using local resources is one of the objectives the Tuscany Region would expect to achieve through its own regional energetic planning, and also to try to achieve the goals fixed by the Kyoto Protocol.